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Live sessions with the Shamanic Oracle on her worldwide ministry tour catalyzing Spiritual Revolutions!

The werewolf state

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These revolutionary teachings are valuable to ANYONE trying to heal the tensions of duality in their life.
Intimately familiar with the dynamics of Twin Flames, finally, Rynn is ready to share her direct revelations on Reconciling Polarity!

Twin Flame Alchemist

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With a truly unique perspective, Rynn has become a sought after revolutionary spiritual teacher. Gracing the world over with her truly transformative presence via facilitating workshops, private sessions, and live immersive events. 


To orchestrate opportunities for you to consciously heal 
and transform yourself by laying down what no longer serves you; 
To hold that Sacred Space for you to integrate the shift 
and reveal the truth underneath to live empowered in 
Authentic Alignment with your Highest Potential. 

 Rev. Dr. Rynn  Parraw  ~ The Strix

Desperate to break out of an old form that doesn't fit, but afraid of what damage you will cause?

Rynn's Werewolf revelations teach us how to make friends with the beast inside and transform ourselves into our highest potential.

In person, remote healing, distance calls, custom guided mystic immersives at worldwide sacred sites, workshop, events, and  packages are available. 

Now offering Online Courses to guide your Transformation !!!

Check out Events and Workshops for the Course Offerings and contact us for details. 

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Rynn has lived a life born of intimate connection to nature and surrender to God's call. When the time came to step up to her ministry, she had twenty years of carefully hiding her gifts to overcome. No longer willing to hide, Rynn found Sattva Yoga and she consciously engaged her practice as the catalyst to accelerate unlocking her true potential. 

Since that time, she has been unwaveringly dedicated to helping people around the world transform themselves through carefully orchestrated experiences that allow them to make friends with the beast within, their highest potential. Helping them find that balance between their human faculties and their power to find the truest form of themselves. 

Her services are dedicated and designed to help you integrate that transformation and step out in the confidence of who you really are!

​Now offering Online Courses to guide your Transformation !!!

Check out Events and Workshops for the Course Offerings and contact us for details. 

Shed away the excess  ~  Revealing Your Truth underneath...

Rev. Dr. Rynn Parraw is a gifted Prophetic Oracular Channel, aBön & Celtic Shaman, trained in multiple ancient healing lineages, a yoga teacher and an ordained Christian minister. 


The Strix is a legendary creature from ancient times: rumoured to be a shapeshifter, who took the form of the owl. In shamanic metaphysics, the owl represents wisdom, insight, and precision; in her unique way, Rynn uses that Strix energy to help you heal yourself.  The legend of The Strix may be dark, but Rynn's mission is to help you heal the pain that comes from the contrast within life. This Strixing reveals the inspiring Truth underneath.

What Rynn saw in the Strix was a way to help you shed what no longer serves you, so that you may stand in the power of your Truth. As a 'spiritual midwife', she holds sacred space for you to integrate that conscious shift in your energy and reveal the truth of who you are.  It is then that you will walk out of the transformational fire ready and empowered to live in Authentic Alignment with their Highest Potential. 

As a Mystic, Rynn has access to direct revelations from both Divine Sources and her intimate connection with nature. Let her guide you, whether you are looking for deeper insights into life's questions, deep energetic healing, or an unforgettable adventure.  

 "I can give you the answers, and you may or may not do anything with them.

                             ...But, if I lead you to them ...and you take them up yourself... you are likely to change your life with that."  ~Den Crundall


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