The Strix                 

August 18th, 2018                    ...$88

Go on a  Journey with Bön & Celtic Shaman StrixRynn to discover your Spirit Animals. Teachings in ancient practices of Animal Medicines span the globe in almost every tradition, so StrixRynn uses her unique ability and background to bring it all back to its distilled essential original form.

We will explore the powerful messages that animals bring into your life. Working with animal totems teaches us to step in and embody the qualities of our animal allies as they teach us to embrace our potential.

This Workshop will present a rare opportunity to engage with exotic and unusual authentic animal medicines and Shamanic Talismans to get your totems 'into your hands'. We will explore techniques of embodiment exercises, discovering your own personal totem team, and building your totem.

Totems Workshop Only ~ $88
August Weekend paired with SuperPower ~ $288
4-Part Summer Series ~ $444
6-Part Full Strix Series ~ $888

This 'Workshops' page includes the four Workshops in the Summer Series,

please also see the 'Events' page for the two Immersive Events which complete the Full Strix Series

6 Independent Workshops

or package as the Summer Series (4 @$444) or Full Strix Series (6@$888)

Please contact directly for details and to registration for any events.

Working with Totems:
Spirit Animals & Working with Guides


Shed away the excess  ~  Revealing Your Truth underneath...

The Power of Asking for What You Want:
Honing Clear Questions & Intention Setting 

All 2018 Workshops & Event Offerings are also available through an online platform for our Remote Owlets (International Clientele).

Discover Your SuperPower:
Uncovering  & Embodying Your Hidden Potential

June 10th, 2018                        ...$88

What it means... What it has to teach... How to move through it...

We will look into techniques for learning the language of signs, symbols & patterns from your environment and dreams. Uncovering the meaning beneath dreams and visions, as well as patterns or ailments/injuries in waking life. 

Content will even cover how to encourage receptivity of visions and conscious recall of dreams. Whether you remember your dreams or not: This 1-Day Workshop will teach tools for interpreting metaphysics and deeper meanings in life.

Deeper Dimensions Workshop Only ~ $88
June Weekend paired with Power of Asking ~ $144
4-Part Summer Series ~ $444
6-Part Full Strix Series ~ $888

Workshops & Special Events

June 9th, 2018                        ...$88

To get the guidance you really need you have to ask the right question and know what you are saying!

The Universe has an abundance of resources. You have abundant desires for yourself and your life. Now, let's talk about how to put those two back together in what some call Divine Flow and Alignment.

We are going to spend this 1-Day Workshop learning how to use clear, accurate language to direct that Universal supply and bring ourselves into alignment with all those in its service.

It is a skill to be able to say what you really mean and ask for what you really want; whether speaking to your boss, partner, children, tarot cards, or directly to God or the Universe itself.

Power of Asking Workshop Only ~ $88
June Weekend paired with Deeper Dimensions ~ $144

4-Part Summer Series ~ $444

6-Part Full Strix Series ~ $888

Deeper Dimensions:
Uncovering the Hidden Messages in Waking and Dream Life

Events & Workshops:

Including Workshops & Events on:

  • Bridge Keepers: Non-Dualistive Perspectives, Evolutionary Relationships  & Reconciliation (Event)
  • The Power of Asking for What You Want:  Honing Clear Questions & Intention Setting
  • Deeper Dimensions: Signs, Symbols, & Dreams Metaphysics Interpretation
  • The Dakini Transition: Pot-Stirrers & Empowering Sensuality in a Balanced Way (Event)
  • Working with Totems: Spirit Animals & Working with Guides
  • Discovering your Superpower: Uncover & Embody Your Hidden Potential

*Read on... as the content and varied aspects of each Workshop may surprise you...

...who knows what you are attracted to in the end...

August 18-19th. 2018                    ...$222

You know you have a superpower...

In this 2-Day Transformational Workshop, Rynn will lead you to a new level of Self-empowerment.

Though your power may be hidden, you were designed perfectly for your divine life purpose and that shapes your life. 

We will teach you how to demystify the patterns, blockages, fears or beliefs that no longer serve you and use Shamanic techniques to clear them - freeing yourself from those limitations. 

We will identify your passion and purpose, and teach you to shift your life in ways that let you live your potential. 

Then you will learn how you build a safe sacred place to explore and exercise your power in a safe way to build confidence as you step up to true Self Mastery!

This weekend event includes a Shamanic Immersive Healing Experience and energy work. Sunday morning meditation & conscious breathwork (with elective complimentary yoga practice).

*Inquire about packaging with HDS Astrology Reading & Prophetic Scroll

SuperPower Workshop Only ~ $222
August Weekend paired with Totems ~ $288
4-Part Summer Series ~ $444
6-Part Full Strix Series ~ $888