Rynn Cameron       

Shed away the excess  ~  Revealing Your Truth underneath...

A Unique Transformative Course & Shamanic Healing Experience

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2017 Edmonton Course Schedule:

7 Monday Nights @ 6:30 - 9 PM  

May 15 - June 26

Edmonton Venues TBA


$240 (or $210 Early Bird)

                + Unleashed International Online    {$222}

                      * Online format for distance students

+ Unleash with a  Private Session w Rynn   {$333}

        *(Event & Private Session with Rynn)

​​​​Unleash Your Potential:
7 Part Shamanic Journey to Heal and Balance through Tantric Inner Alchemy

Your highest potential awaits you from within.

Come join us in the rare opportunity to engage with this incredible meditation facilitator and spiritual guide: Rev. Dr. Rynn Cameron, The Strix Oracle and Shamanic Healer.

This 7 session transformative course is a shamanic journey through the seven stages of psychospiritual development. This shamanic immersive experience is designed to create the space to clear and heal the traumas incurred along your journey and imbalances throughout the major chakra system. As we do the Work to heal, we stir up energies that have lain dormant for ages and sometimes we just need a little support to clear all that blocked, stuck, and agitated energy out of our field. Rynn will guide you through a powerful shamanic technique which takes you deep within yourself, that you may find that Sacred Safe Space, where true healing occurs.

Providing techniques from:

  • Original StrixRynn teachings
  • shamanic journeying
  • yoga practice
  • guided meditations
  • tantric inner alchemy exercises
  • chakra climax

This is a rare opportunity to engage in such an intimate setting where you will be supported as you come with us into this Sacred Safe Space and let us hold you as you integrate & heal. 

Join us in this deeply healing and supportive space

             ...as we integrate through exploring the inner alchemy

                          ...of unifying the divine masculine and divine feminine within you
                                       ...and learn how to tap into this light
                                                    ...for reclaiming your divine self.

Unleash Your Potential - 7 Part Shamanic Journey Experience  {$210}

      * $210 Early Bird; $240 May 15 or on Installment Payment Plan

Unleashed Strix Package (Event & Mentorship Program VIP Rates)   {$1111}   * 4-month Transformative Mentorship or Tantric Mentorship Program

       Includes Event and 55% Easter discount on 4-month Mentorship Program (Inquire for available Payment Plan or details on Customized Mentorship Programs)