Rynn Cameron       

    Shamanic Oracle

As a Mystic, Rynn has access to direct revelations from both Divine Sources and her intimate connection with nature.

Let her guide you, whether you are looking for deeper insights into life's questions, deep energetic healing,

...or an unforgettable adventure.  

As a Shaman, StrixRynn is honoured to provide a service in making custom and creative Animal Medicines.

Animal medicine could be as simple as a medicine pouch, fur/feathers/claws/etc, ceremonial clothing, or full taxidermy work. 

StrixRynn also makes custom Altar's, teaching altar building, or pieces for your own altar.

Revolutionary teachings for
consciously transforming your life !

Shed away the excess  ~  Revealing Your Truth underneath...

Live sessions with the Shamanic Oracle on her worldwide ministry tour catalyzing Spiritual Revolutions!

For questions about Services, Sessions (in person or distance), Events and Packages: contact us.

How we got here

Rynn has lived a life born of intimate connection to nature and surrender to God's call. When the time came to step up to her ministry, she had twenty years of carefully hiding her gifts to overcome. No longer willing to hide, Rynn found Sattva Yoga and she consciously engaged her practice as the catalyst to accelerate unlocking her true potential.

Since that time, she has been unwaveringly dedicated to helping people around the world transform themselves through carefully orchestrated experiences that allow them to make friends with the beast within, their highest potential. Helping them find that balance between their human faculties and their power to find the truest form of themselves.

Her services are dedicated and designed to help you integrate that transformation and step out in the confidence of who you really are!