The Strix                 


Intuitive  Channelled Sessions                                    ...$150

              Double Session   (*Most Popular)                         ...$250

              Multi-Session Package                                 ...$444                

Gatherings:​  ​​

...$20 Donation

Divinely Inspired Worship Services,

     Dhama Talks & Satsang,

          Hand Fasting Ceremonies & Twin Flame Binding Ceremony

                Group Nature Walks,
                        Group Healing & Communal Meetings



Oracle or Tarot Card Readings                   ...$40+

 Energy Healings: 

    ...$90 in person, $60 remote


Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Light and Love. A laying-on-of-hands form of energy healing where, through light contact, there is a transfer of healing energy from the healing practitioner to the client. Clients often feel filled with a blissful energy and experience relief from physical symptoms. ($60 in person, $40 distance)


​Aiya is the Aramaic word for Miracle! An ancient Middle Eastern energy healing modality that is just coming to light. An Aiya session raises your frequency, bringing mind, body, and spirit into alignment. This work invites a cleansing space where any etheric attachments can be cleared away and healed.   


A Shaman interacts with the spirit world and channels these energies into our own world to assist in healing. One foot in either world, they are able to commune with spirits, negotiate healing on a deep etheric level, and perform psychic surgery or soul retrieval to bring you back into a state of wholeness.     

      Dream Interpretation

When you remember a dream, it is because there is a message in it for you. A gifted interpreter can help you pull out the guidance and messages for your growth hidden within. Outside of the dreamworld, we come across visions and patterns within life that hold these same messages! This is a valuable tool for helping get to the bottom of the deeper meaning in your life. 

 Activation Infused Art:​ ​​

The art itself holds sacred space for you to navigate your healing journey.

Partnering with Artistically Ashley, Rynn has developed a line of meditative art that is activated by infusing Aiya healing energy into the creation of the masterpiece. You can feel the energy radiate off of the mixed-media pieces creating a phenomenal effect for any altar or meditative space.

To inquire about commissioning your own custom piece, viewing this series, or more about Artistically Ashley's portfolio please contact directly.

     Prophetic Healing Scroll

The Prophetic Healing Scroll is scribbed while sending distance healing to the client. The scroll contains written out messages of encouragement or direction that your Higher Self (the divine part of you) or your Guides have been trying to get through to you. $90 includes the written transmission and an interpretation session. 

(Also available: Distance healing with the transcribed scroll only. $50)


Yoga Classes:​  ​​


(or buy a package of 6 for $15/class)

Sattva Yoga,
         Yin Yoga,

              Khemetic SmiTwi (Egyptian Yoga)

                      Tibetan Rites & TsaLung Yoga,
                               Aerial Yoga,
                                         or Horseback Yoga

       As well as Breathing & Meditation technique classes
                           (with no physical postures)

Custom Crafted Shamanic Talisams:​ ​

As a Shaman, StrixRynn is honoured to provide a service in crafting custom and creative Shamanic Healing Talismans using natural materials to suit the individual Prayer for your healing.

These charms may take the form of Prayer Malas, Jewellery, Healing Fans, Drums, Clothing, Sacred Items, Taxidermy and More. All materials are acquired through nature, including consciously reclaimed animal medicines (feathers, bone, leather, fur, claws), sacred stones, wood, sand, and symbology.

Animal medicine could be as simple as a medicine pouch, fur/feathers/claws/etc, ceremonial clothing, or full taxidermy work.

StrixRynn also makes custom travelling Altar's, teaches altar building, or pieces for your own home altar.

Divining guidance through intuitive interpretation of a card spread drawn based on your question, intention, or even a general reading to see what insights the universe wants to offer you. 

Private Shamanic Immersive Experience:​ ​​

A next-level private affair for you to dive fully into a personally catered, divinely guided adventure orchestrated and aligned to the fullest experience for your integrated healing and transformation.

On location at one of our favourite local sites or come with us on an adventure to one of the Sacred Sites hidden around the globe! 

Please contact directly for more information regarding building
one of these unforgettable custom experiences.

The Strix has a lot to offer, but choosing how you want to engage with her is simple:

       all you have to do is choose one  and she will build your session from there.

Below you will find descriptions of what you may encounter within your time together,

              you may request a specific modality or teaching if you wish,

                          or simply leave it up to divine guidance.

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Our Services

Shed away the excess  ~  Revealing Your Truth underneath...

In your live session, Rynn will channel direct revelations and visionary experiences as instructed by your Higher Self and guides. Working with the unseen is a powerful experience, whether your focus is spiritual development or personal growth this will truly be a transformational experience! 

These sessions may include elements such as healing work or divination through cards or pendulum, as well as animal assisted counselling, life coaching techniques, or traditional spiritual counselling, yoga, taxidermy. 

Sessions can be done in person or often, for our international clients, remotely through  calls.