Living An Epic Story 1

Jan 28, 2019

  • Angels & Allies Satsang Discussion51:40

  • Universal Asking Satsang Discussion56:07

  • Core of Your Essence Meditation9:58

Angels & Allies

Dec 3, 2018

Join us in this deeply healing and supportive space

    we integrate through exploring the inner alchemy
                          ...of unifying the divine masculine and divine feminine within you
                                       ...and learn how to tap into this light
                                                    ...for reclaiming your divine self.

  • Angels & Allies Guided Meditation14:03

SatDharma Talks:

Live sessions with the Shamanic Oracle on her worldwide ministry tour catalyzing Spiritual Revolutions!

For questions about Services, Sessions (in person or distance), Events and Packages:

The Strix                 

Shed away the excess  ~  Revealing Your Truth underneath...

  • Living an Epic Story14:43

  Your Highest Potential Awaits You From Within

*Dharma Talk is a conceptual talk about an intricate universal complex

with a comtemplative meditation to allow the material to settle.

*Satsang Discussion is a group talk lead by the attendees' inquiry

from the Live SatDharma Sessions in the sensory depravation facility FloatHouse Edmonton

concluded with an integration meditation to allow the shifts to take root.


Revolutionary teachings for

consciously transforming your life !

  The Seven Languages of Soul Mission:  








  • Responsible Exploration/Revelation16:25

  • Co-Incident Tone Meditation12:48

  Your Highest Potential Awaits You From Within

  • Orb Within the Lotus8:13

  • Universal Asking Dharma Talk14:30

‘Epic’ on 25th of Feb & Mar

‘Tantrix’ on Mar 11 & Apr 8 

SatDharma 7:15pm

Mondays @ FloatHouse Edmonton

Egyptian Yoga at 6pm

  • Angels & Allies Dharma Talk30:13

  • Multi Plane Perspective15:15

Two SatDharma Series:

Feb 25 Living An Epic Story

A series for those who feel like they are built for something big

and they are trying to find their way into it. 

For integrating Multi-Dimensional awareness. 

 And for stable exploration and revelation of oneself to the world. 

Feb 11 The Heru: Tantric Alchemy

Tantric practice is the cultivation of masculine and

feminine energies within oneself or with a partner.

When these two sources meet to play something

else entirely new is born out of that alchemy. 

  • Cultural Acceptance of Planes10:38

Revolutionary teachings for

consciously transforming your life !

     SatDharma Online  

with The Strix Oracle & Shamanic Healer 

  • Magnetized Core13:06

Universal Asking

Dec 17, 2018

** Starting 2019-  SatDharma will be once a month for public general topic & 
once a month for the continuing evolving Owlet Student discussion. **
***All are welcome at both.***

  • SatDharma3:11