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Darrin helps people fall in love with the mystery of who they are, to embrace where they are as the perfect place to start.



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The Prayer: Tarot & Counsel


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Darrin Hartwell Downey is an astrologer, Kundalini yoga teacher, life skills coach, and intuitive wellness counsellor. 

The Prayer Tarot:

Darrin's original spread designed to explore the embodiment of an intention or prayer. 

From an early age Darrin experienced the force of two main drives: the desire for self understanding and purpose,

and the desire to fully embrace and participate in life

with inclusiveness and joy.

As a result he fell in love with the mystery of life in all its forms, searching out dynamics teachers and the deepest of teachings. 

Human Design Audio Tutorials:

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​Human Design Overview

Defined vs Undefined

4 Types of Design

Core Wound

Types of Attractions


Shed away the excess  ~  Revealing Your Truth underneath...

   Don't worry about the curriculum; just learn the lessons. 

   Darrin works with people from all walks of life to:

  • use the archetypal language of astrology to glimpse one's Essence
  • guiding them to the deep distinctions that leverage change
  • practical insights that can be applied to making the best of your personal design
  • path to mastery